Thursday, January 09, 2014

Throw back Thursday!

painting from around 2001
"Colorado" watercolor circa 2001 ~ by Jane LaFazio
I was going through some storage disks, looking for a particular image, and I found these two paintings from around 2001. They are watercolors, about 11x14 inch. They were done in Colorado on location---looking out the window, of course! It's fun to look back on my earlier work (sometimes) and the painting above is quite similar to my present sketchbook work, a precursor to my current style!

(I still tell the story, to my students, about the lower right image on the top. My friend Helen Shafer Garcia, an excellent artist, said that my rocks looked like baked potatoes! Not that I took it personally...haha, since I still talk about it 12 years later!)
painting from around 2001
"Colorado view" watercolor circa 2001 ~ by Jane LaFazio
tuscany 1998
" Tuscan Hills" watercolor circa 1998 ~ by Jane LaFazio
The Tuscan scene, above, was done on location, in Tuscany, and the one below, was done in my studio from a photo I'd taken. Both from around 1998. (Both are probably 20x16 inches or so.)
I took my first watercolor class (at a community ed center) in 1993. 
silvias fruit stand italy
"Silvia's fruit stand, Italy"  watercolor circa 1998 ~ by Jane LaFazio
This one below, titled "A Walk Around Greenlake" is actually one of my faves. It was done in sketchbook style. Each day, while staying in Seattle, I'd walk around Greenlake, bring something back, and draw it. You can see bits of map and collage and some real sticks too. Yes, I like this one, and I think I'll let it influence my current work.

walk around greenlake
"A Walk around Greenlake" watercolor circa 2000 ~ by Jane LaFazio
All these watercolors were framed and sold long ago...Thanks for taking a look back with me.


  1. Its wonderful that you have such a great historical catalog to enjoy.
    Its like going back in time. And its surreal sometimes, when they almost feel like you don't remember doing them! Love Throw Back Thursday :) Laura

  2. I remember those Italy paintings from back when I lived in San Diego at that time! I especially love the sketchbook page with all the bits & pieces & memories from around the lake- very cool!!! Funny thing with the rock (just so you are not hung up on rocks any more-) I have a REAL rock that actually looks exactly like a baked potato, that I put in my basket with other REAL potatoes in the kitchen...just to freak out any one rooting around in's sort of funny when some one picks it up with this real surprised look on their face!! It's been so funny over the years, I just can't put it back outside (I brought it home from a hike somewhere here in CT long ago!).


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