Monday, April 14, 2014

Prayer Flags

 1 prayer flag
I'm thrilled to be participating in the Prayer Flag Blog Hop. As you know, I love prayer flags and have made a number of them (see them here)
2 prayer flags
Here's what I created from the Prayer Flag Value pack, which included the ready made linen banners and the ebook
purchase a copy of the Prayer Flag e-book!

3 prayer flags 
First I got out my trusty Gelli printing plates and rubber bands, to add a bit of color and texture to the linen flags
6 prayer flags   5 prayer flags
and grabbed some fabric that I had printed before using the same technique.
7 prayer flags
I cut out circles from the printed fabric and fused them to the printed flags.
9 prayer flags8 prayer flags

10 prayer flags
Then, I cut out the images from my fabric yardage, with my designs (that you can purchase) and fused those to the flags.
11 prayer flags

12 prayer flags
I wanted to build up a layered background on the flags.
13 prayer flags
14 prayer flags
Lastly, I stamped some meaningful words and phrases on the flags.
15 prayer flags
I plan on finishing my prayer flags with a little bit of hand stitching when I have time.
16 prayer flags
And please do visit The Prayer Flag Project blog, to upload your own prayer flags, or just be inspired and uplifted by others.


  1. So beautiful, Jane! I love the layering...

  2. This is perfect timing. My art group is doing prayer flags next Sunday!

  3. I have become OBSESSED with prayer flags lately and will be making my first set this week. Yours are beautiful!!!

  4. I love your flags they are beautiful and look perfect for spring.

  5. I like the add-on flowers. -- soparkaveataoldotcom

  6. Gorgeous; I love Prayer Flags. They are a great way to develop creative expression.

  7. I like how you made this flag. Looks like a great book.

  8. What a lovely idea, to make prayer flags. Inspires one to put additional thought into the creation.


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