Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Creating an original print block

I love carving stamps! It's so easy and immediate and most importantly, original. You can see how cool it looks repeated in a kind of banner.
stamp carving
I taught our LavenderSage Art Retreat students to find an abstract design for their print blocks, you can see my process above.
Taos sketchbook
printed on gelli printed cloth ~ by Jane LaFazio
Taos sketchbook
printed on  gelli printed watercolor paper ~ by Jane LaFazio
Taos sketchbook
Here's a close up of my straight-to-ink drawing of the
Ranchos Church in Taos ~ by Jane LaFazio
Untitled  from my sketchbook
And here's another print block, inspired by my watercolor of some Taos berries.


  1. Lovely, Jane, as always. I just have to tell you about a book I think you would love. It's called Pattern Design by Lewis F Day... An oldie but there is no better book for describing how to format hand done repeats. It's a delight cover to cover and downright cheap as a Dover paperback. If you get it, let me know how you like it. It's one of my favorites, and just right for block prints like this, opening the creative floodgates!

  2. great carvings! do you use the grey speedball material?

    1. I haven't used the grey surface material yet. I just use the white. thanks!


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