Tuesday, July 21, 2015

from my sketchbook ~ looking back on the Taos church

from my sketchbook 2014 LavenderSage Art Retreat ~ by Jane LaFazio

from my sketchbook 2013 LavenderSage Art Retreat ~ by Jane LaFazio
I showed you my journal pages from LavenderSage Art Retreat 2015 on my last post. Thought you'd be interested to see how I painted San Francisco de Asis the two years previously. 

from my sketchbook 2015 LavenderSage Art Retreat ~ by Jane LaFazio

I also wanted to share an insight from one of my online students. She is taking my beginning class "Sketching and Watercolor: Journal Style" and she wrote this after I introduced the third lesson. The assignment was to draw an object, straight to ink, using a continuous line. Here's what she wrote: 

"I had an epiphany about art journaling. Somehow as an avid writer, I would never worry about the finished outcome of a written journal page. It is about the JOURNEY....that moment in time. For some reason, I was not seeing this about the drawing. Yes, my brush and color technique needs work, yes, after I do it, I see how I might have done it better, but it doesn't matter. I get now that yes, you want to improve, so you can capture the moment, but it is just a moment in time. What you saw at that particular second, not a masterpiece." 

So true!

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  1. What an excellent epiphany. I am going to scribe that quote in every sketchbook I own!


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