Monday, November 09, 2015

Hand stitching

my stitch guide bag ~ by Jane LaFazio
I wanted to have a stitching reference for my students, so I created this bag (above) from my watercolor illustrations of the embroidery stitches I use regularly. While I was making the bag, I thought they'd be great to sell. When I finished the bag, I realized I'd have to sell it for something like $400! ha! Yes, there is only one bag, and I bring it to workshops I teach.
sample of the buttonhole wheel stitch ~ by Jane LaFazio
detail from my stitch guide bag ~ by Jane LaFazio
I love to use variegated hand dyed threads like these from Laura Wasilowski. I also like these, from Caron. I like either 8 or 12 size pearl cotton thread, and use single strands when I stitch. Here's a guide, from Laura, on which needle for which thread.

Speaking of thread, I store my threads using this inexpensive yet practical system called "Floss-A-Way
Button hole wheel stitch by Jane LaFazio
(Read about my stitched and beaded bra for charity here.)

Oh, did you see this post from Pokey Bolton about CRAFT NAPA and my stitches?

I'll be teaching two hand-stitching workshops at Craft Napa:
Garden Patch Friday, January 8 
Text & Textiles Saturday, January 9
Registration closes for CRAFT NAPA on December 7th!

If you can't take a hand-stitching class from me, take a look at this online stitch guide, it will keep you busy!


  1. I love your "$400 bag"! Hand-stitching is also one of my favorite relaxation art forms. Thanks for a lovely post.

  2. Great Jane, Love your colors and stitches - and thanks so much for all the information. Sure wish I could join you in Napa - one of my favorite places in the world. Enjoy!

  3. Beautiful stitches and beading. I too would love to be in your Napa class. One of these days! Thanks, Jane.

  4. I wonder if you might show the Floss-a-way system in action!

  5. Wow. Thank you for the resources. I am probably going to spend quite some time going through the stitches. I love to embroider.


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