Saturday, September 10, 2016

What do Georgia O'Keeffe and I have in common?

New Mexico skies are gorgeous and constantly changing. (photo by Jane LaFazio)
Listen to what Dan Fogelberg had to say about Georgia O'Keeffee:

Dan Fogelberg's "Bones in the Sky" about Georgia O'Keeffe. 

Did I mention the skies of New Mexico?  (photo by Jane LaFazio)
Yup. and so does LavenderSage Art Retreats

San Francisco de Asis, Rancho de Taos. photo by Jane LaFazio

San Francisco de Asis, Rancho de Taos. photo by Jane LaFazio

Taos Pueblo land. photo by Jane LaFazio

Morada (Penitente), Taos   photo by Jane LaFazio


  1. thanks for the post...the music...the photos in the video...transported me back to Mabel Dodge Luhan House where I have studied writing with Natalie Goldberg...and visited Georgia's place while there. So wonderful to travel back there in my heart and mind just now - thanks.

  2. Simply beautiful, Jane...O'Keefe remains a favorite of mine, and I enjoy seeing the landscape that inspired so much of her work.


  3. You really pay attention to the natural world ab ut you.
    you paint it to inform.
    you share your art with the world
    you notice the sky, you really SEE it , that which you look upon.....both of you do.


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