Thursday, October 20, 2016

Greece 2016

Our group!
I've just returned from 14 days in Greece. I had 16 extraordinary women as my students. We traveled from Athens to Amorgos to Naxos to Mykonos together, painting, eating, talking, and laughing.
Our classroom on the island of Amorgos
The view from my room on the island of Amorgos
One of many delicious meals together
Mykonos (photo by Cheryl Flatt)
After the 300 steps to the Monastery on Amorgos
Another fun and fabulous meal together

A gorgeous church on Mykonos

Yet another fun meal!
Yes, we did sketch and watercolor together nearly every day, and I'll show you some of those photos on my next post.
another view from the island of Amorgos


  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos! Looks like tons of fun and beautiful scenery for sketches/watercolor, wow.

  2. Looks great! Please include a picture of Carlo, and of course yoga in public places.


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