Saturday, December 16, 2017

Crochet Mania!

My first scarf (Noro Yarn)
I've just (re)learned to crochet. I crochet in my twenties, made a rainbow colored sweater and when I tried it on it was huge! I don't think I ever wore it.
My third scarf (Noro Yarn)

I got the urge to try again, so I took an in person lesson to get started, then a friend helped me a bit more. Now I'm watching YouTube videos and making blankets!
Granny Squares (Caron 1lb yarn)
I am loving it and quite obsessed with it!

Buddy advises on the composition

BeBop approves of the finished blanket
I'm quite proud of my finished blanket, shown in our office/den. I'm already working on another blanket, this one for the bedroom. After all, I just don't too many scarves since I live in San Diego! 


  1. Beautiful work! Crocheting is tons of fun!

  2. Yarn IS addictive no matter HOW you put it together. Lovely projects.

  3. I’ve taken up knitting again and learning crocheting for the first time too. I love all the beautiful colors that are available! Beautiful scarf and blanket!

  4. Love your scarves! So pretty. The crocheted granny square blanket is beautiful too. The great thing about crochet and knitting is the portability, and social community of fiber artist. Lots of fun.

  5. Yes, your projects are lovely. Knitting and crocheting are versatile, everything from
    lacey to bulky.
    And the social community aspect is fun, I agree.


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