Sunday, September 13, 2020

Trying something new!


I took a 3-hour online workshop with Sketchbook Skool recently. My kitty, Buddy, helped.

It was taught by August Wren and we worked from old photos. 

Here's my version of the postcard below. 
I bought the postcard in Paris, and then my husband and I reenacted it in Luxembourg Gardens in 2017. It was so fun and a wonderful memory! 
(Notice, I even found a Luxembourg Garden postage stamp for my art journal page.)

And here is an image from a photo of my recently discovered paternal grandfather. My own father never knew him. 

Sometime after arriving in America, he changed his name to Joe Letrich and was married many times.


  1. Great and what fun painting. Love the paintings, wonderful memories.
    we are deep in the smoke from the creek fire. Looks like the fire is going the other way, and hope the wind does not change. Packed and ready to leave. we can taste the smoke in the house. Can not run air conditioning or anything. Llamas would not load. but all else is ready. You stay safe also.

  2. Love this idea of using old photos or postcards as inspiration for the design! The projects look like a size that can be accomplished in one work session. I'm going to dig up some old photos from my family stash!


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