Wednesday, February 28, 2007

yoga shoes

These 'Crocs' are really comfy and perf for going to and from yoga. Red, of course.
watercolor moleskine.


  1. I saw a pair of pink ones that I almost bought. I think I'll go back for them now. Adorable.

  2. Just read your article in CPS magazine. Enjoyed it very much!

  3. Great drawing of your crocs! I'm like you -- don't really want to get them because so many people are wearing them -- BUT if they're that comfortable ...

  4. AnnaDenise (Ann-D)3/04/2007 3:11 PM

    I saw those at a stand at a market somewhere in Santa Cruz like three years ago. I hated them, but the guy I was dating at the time loved them and said they'd become a huge hit. I declared him a fool. Well, ehm, so far for my trendyness...

    He was a fool, though, that's for sure.


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