Tuesday, April 03, 2007

first grader

The lesson was Cezanne. Whenever possible I like the kids to draw from life, so we use artificial fruit. I think this is gorgeous!
You can look at more of my student's artwork here.


  1. This is 'drop dead' gorgeous! Can I borrow your student to teach me how to be so spontaneous??? LOL!!! I absolutely love it!

    Try taking some black construction paper and cut out simple frames to show the work, or to display the work in the classroom. We did that with a children's art class last year, and it makes the work look so much more vibrant. Plus, it gives the kids an idea of what 'real' artwork looks like. Makes them feel special.

  2. Hi Bonny, I don't have a classroom, I'm a teaching artist and just go into the classrooms for an hour at a time. Thankfully, many of the teachers do just what you suggested, mat the art and hang it on the wall of the class. Makes the kids proud, and me too!


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