Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pomegranate Obession: online auction

As a fundraiser for a local organizatin A.R.T.S. (Arts. A Reason to Survive) I collaged this huge heart. You can bid here it all goes to helping kids at risk discover the healing power of art.
It's 2'4"x1'6" by 6" and comes on the metal stand. And they'll ship it to you in time for Valentines Day!!


  1. Wow Jane! That is so beautiful. I admire you for your work with children and to help them discover art. You are SO right - art really has healing powers!

    Lots of Love to you my friend!


  2. Hi Jane, I love you heart. What a wonderful cause to donate to. I tried to go to the auction site, but for some reason the page won't come up -- I get the site, but it's telling me there's an error. Thanks, Pam


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