Thursday, February 18, 2010


 I'm working on two things at once..well okay, maybe 8 things at once, but here's one of them in progress. I'm still celebrating Valentines Day, I guess, cuz it's very RED. This is a detail shot, and the piece is 16 x 16." I need to create a 12x12 inch piece for an upcoming San Diego SAQA exhibition, so I'll probably cut this down before I do more hand stitching.
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  1. Love this detail shot Jane!!! the purple shots of color really make the red sing!!! Never nver can have too much RED!!!!

  2. Beautiful piece! So rich and warm : )

  3. Jane these are just so super! I love the color combination... the stitching detail adds the right amount of emphasis and interest.

  4. RED is wonderful, but I'm afraid of it. I walked into a room the other day that was just swimming in this gut-wrenchingly beautiful redness and vowed to try some red in my art. You are doing red proud!Thanks for the example.


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