Monday, February 22, 2010


 I'm just back from a weekend workshop with Brenda Swenson at the Schroeder Studio Gallery in Orange. I stayed the weekend at an inn down the street and had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend! Plus I was graciously invited by Jamie Fingal, who lives in Orange, to dinner with her and her husband on Saturday night. A wonderful get-away weekend!
What I like about Brenda's workshop is the use of continuous line in our watercolor journal pages. Working quickly, but really looking at the subject, and then painting intuitively, keep a fresh look of the watercolor. All stuff that I try to teach! Alll the paintings/pages done in the workshop, in under 15-20 minutes ~ Perfect for the timing for the traveling artist--as in the workshop I'm doing in Orvieto, Italy this May!)


  1. Beautiful watercolor Jane. 15-20 minutes, wow!

  2. There IS something fresh and lovely and wonderful about these drawings. I think the contour drawing and the very quick watercolor sketching keep these works clean and authentic.

  3. You are just having waaaaaaay too much fun.
    These are just wonderful.
    keep'em coming.



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