Thursday, October 06, 2011

Teaching in Portland, Oregon September 2011

me jesse
Me, in Jesse Reno's class
Just back from my first time teaching and taking at in Portland, Oregon.
I had a wonderful time, teaching, taking workshops and seeing beautiful downtown Portland.  
student circles
Student work ~ recycled circles
I taught two classes (and both were sold out, thank you!). Recycled Circles is always fun, because everyone's work turns out so different. 
student circle 2student circle 3
student circle 1student circle 4

student circle 5student circle 6

student circle 7student circle 8
Student work ~ recycled circles
a&s watercolor class 2
Student work ~ Sketching and Watercolor: Journal Style
And I taught 'Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style.' Students are always surprised at how well they do!
a&s watercolor class 1   a&s watercolor class marcie

a&s watercolor class3

painted fingers 
I took a workshop from Jesse Reno (that's my hand, we painted with our hands the first half of the class!)
 in progress from jesse class 2     in progress from jesse class
Needless to say, this isn't my usual style of painting, but it was fun and freeing and I definitely will use some of what I learned in my sketchbook. 


  1. I know I was surprised!

    I love your fingers - that's a photo I'd blow up for my studio - beautiful!

  2. Your fingers are gorgeous! Janet is right, a poster of that photo would be wonderful.

  3. Sounds and looks like you had a blast! How cool to take a painting class from Jesse Reno. I'd love that too!

  4. you did have a great time didn't you/ Hax Your work and your students looks great.xx

  5. Ahhhh: love the fingahs!


  6. What a wonderful experience. Art & Soul gets such great reviews and Portland is one of the most beautiful cities around. Listened to your interview with Leslie--very enjoyable. Thanks so much for including it in your blog.
    best, nadia

  7. You don't usually paint that way but I would think it would be a blast to reconnect with ones inner child!!! Love that pic! Liz Kettle is a delight isn't she?? She is a good friend of mine! So glad that you will be teaching for Art and Soul again!!


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