Monday, October 03, 2011

New E-zine from The Sketchbook Challenge artists

is 83 full color pages of creativity, inspiration and projects!

Brought to you by The Sketchbook Challenge artists.

Inside you'll find:
Learn how to draw a pinecone with me, Jane LaFazio
Exploring Text Collage with Kelli Nina Perkins
Make a Scrappy House Quilt with Jamie Fingal
Working in series by Jane Davies
Make bad art with Lyric Kinard and become a better artist
Sue Bleiweiss shows you how to make a sketchbook sleeve
Carol Sloan shares her remedies for blank pages
Take 5! with Carla Sonheim
Screenprinting for the Mixed Media Artist by Leslie Tucker Jenison
Take your sketchbook out to eat with Susan Sorrell
Stacked Journaling with Judi Hurwitt
Learn how to use your inner GPS to create journal pages with Violette
Learn a trio of pamphlet binding stitches from Diana Trout 

Click here to download  The Sketchbook Challenge Ezine  for $9.99.

Enter your name into a drawing to win a piece of mail art from one or more of the Sketchbook Challenge artists!  Send a link to your published review by 12/1/11  to sue at  to be entered into the drawing.  Winners will be announced in December - good luck!
In the Ezine, there are step by step illustrated instructions from me, on how to draw a pinecone.


  1. Well done! Great talent!

  2. I bought it the instant that I saw it. Your tutorial on the pinecone is what made me do it!

  3. I agree with Deb - I bought it mostly for the pinecone tute. Love your pinecones. And a question - what brand/assortment/set of watercolors are you using? I'm going to treat myself to a new set and when I saw yours in the picture, I thought I'd ask.

  4. Hi Leslie! you can look at my blog I list the stuff I use.
    thanks for asking!


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