Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sketching in Balboa Park for 3 days!!

I'm taking a 3 day class "Keeping a Travel Sketchbook" with Irina Gronborg [through the Athenaeum Library Art School in LaJolla.] We are spending everday, from 10-4 sketching in Balboa Park. Irina's a wonderful teacher and keeps us moving every 20 minutes to simulate the travel experience. I'm learning a lot from Irina, how to be concise, yet detailed where neccessary. And she reminds us, that when you're sketching, you really are THERE and really SEEING. It's great. HOT, though. Like 90 degrees!


  1. Thanks for doing this and for reminding me of such a great resource right in our own San Diego County!
    I'm a regular to your site and enjoy your work.

  2. thanks! I appreciate your kind comments.


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