Sunday, November 05, 2006

Houston, Texas

Just back from the International Quilt Festival in Houston. For this sketch, I took a break from all the color and commotion, sat on the outdoor patio of the convention center and drew the downtown Houston skyline. That evening I added some realistic color, then on the plane home, the influence of so much pattern and color took hold.
Had a great time, and I've come home with many new ideas and some new tools, including Shiva Paintstiks. Stayed tuned to see how they play into my work.
color pencil and ink, sketchbook moleskine


  1. Great drawing, Jane! I happened to have snapped a picture from the same location but at night when all the lights were on. The past 2 days at the Quilt Show have provided pages of inspiration for my art journals. Take care. ~SH

  2. Oooo, ooooo! Make sure we get to see your Paintstiks work! Mmmm!

  3. I'm sorry that we didn't meet in Houston. I love your view of downtown and someday soon will put my quick sketch of the Convention Center from the Hilton. I also came home with Shiva Paintstiks, but need a block of free time before I open them.


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