Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm a Humanist. Who knew?

Recently I was asked to do a blessing at a wedding of friends. A first for me in many ways. Here's the story about my experience written by Molleen Matsumura in her Sweet Reason column.


  1. Hello Jane,

    Well, you are one of the humanest beings I know. Thanks for letting me know more about this. And if I ever find Mr Right, you are hereby invited to give the Humanist toast. If you would like to speed up the process, do you know any stray Mr Rights??

    Hugs, Rachel

  2. Hello Jane

    I keep looking and admiring your blog but today was special to read about a humanist. It makes we want to know more about it. I especially admire your courage to state your beliefs in public. Maxine

  3. oh jane! i hadn't visited in a while and this was just so precious to me. i went to "sweet reason" and found a name for where i've been --- thankyou thankyou for posting this-
    nancy gilbert bello


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