Monday, February 12, 2007

No, not J. Peterman.

It's Jim Dine influenceI was researching Jim Dine for my 2nd grade class art lesson and found a new appreciation for his work. I'll be painting all my bathrobes now. (I had the kids do hearts, not the bathrobes.)
watercolor moleskine.


  1. Painting bathrobes -- such a great idea! I really like this and your color just pops. Great stuff!

  2. Great sketch! One of our offices has an original Jim Dine hearts painting and 2 days ago I used it as inspiration for a quick daily sketch. The painting is part of the college endowment, but hung for all to enjoy in an office in the Dean's suite.

  3. Oh, Jane, I used to LOVE the J. Peterman catalogs, for the great stories and illustrations. And do you remember the early Banana Republic catalogs, also great adventures and drawings. The golden age of mail order catalogs as sketchbook inspiration. Of course, now we are keeping our OWN sketchbooks of adventures and illustrations, which is even better. See you soon, hugs, Rachel

  4. If I don't know what to draw, I grab a catalog. Not everyone has a closet full of bathrobes to draw :D

    This one is so frilly. I like the hanger. Is it metal?

  5. Janey, you like the HANGER? that's cuz it's a line and you love your lines. no, it's actually a plastic hanger, but I just drew it as an ink line. No metal hangers for me.


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