Saturday, February 10, 2007

Filming in my studio

Andrea and David from Wonder Channel came over today to do the final filming for the DVD. We shot the introduction and a couple of scenes in my studio, and the rest we shot in September in a local video studio. The finished product of yours truly teaching three art quilt projects, will be out in a couple of months. Martha and Pokey, you know you'll get copies to review!!


  1. i'll buy one, sister ~ such a groove. you're a true wonder for Wonder Channel to tap!
    big thumbs up,

  2. What a cool studio, all that stuff! Gorgeous :)

  3. Jane, congratulations on the Wonder Channel and on the Cloth Paper Scissors (I read it on danny's blog). I can't wait to get my know I'll be bragging to everyone that I "know" you!

  4. How cool is that! I don't get TV, will you notify us folks if it ever goes on YouTube?

  5. Hey 'herself'
    The DVD will be for sale through Amazon and and I'll let everyone know. It will be in the next few months.


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