Sunday, July 08, 2007

MY house

Some friends and I took part in an URN workshop today. My friend and arts therapist, Kat Kirby, faciliated. Using clay, we created an urn for our ashes for ourselves, our pets, or purely on a symbolic level. Here's my house. Until needed (which I hope is a VERY long time from now) it will contain my wishes and directives on how I'd like my funeral/cremation to be handled.) This clay sculpture will be fired and then I will paint it with acrylic paints. Kat is hosting another workshop on July 22, in Pt. Loma, San Diego. Contact her if you'd like more info.

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  1. What an inspiring, beautiful experience! Thank you Jane for your suggestion for this Urn Workshop, and thank you to all the participants who so bravely and creatively faced this difficult topic. Looking forward to the next session where we paint and embellish these precious pieces! xo Kat


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