Thursday, July 12, 2007

Unlock your hand

I bought this at the Mingei Museum gift shop, when I was there last week. (Gosh, I love that shop! I've bought tons of stuff from there.) It's large lock, made of metal and (duh) shaped like a hand. I have lots of hand imagery around my house. I know many people must use their mouths, or feet to hold a pen or brush to create art, and I'm very thankful for my strong hands.


  1. Great sketch and an awesome find. I like the lock. Oh, congrats on utility box. I'd love to see photos when its done.

  2. I love your illo of the lock. Your work is fab. xxx

  3. Beautiful drawing! And I love your utility boxes too, so vibrant -- would definitely love seeing the finished product.

  4. Great! And you can come and paint my utility box anyday :-)


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