Friday, October 26, 2007

San Diego/Rancho Bernardo fires

These are the pages and pages of home addresses that burned in Rancho Bernardo, a community in San Diego where I live. It's how we found out our home was safe.

Husb and I were able to return home Thursday, 10/25 about 1:00pm. (Right after Pres. Bush left our community.) Our home was amazingly untouched. Very little ash or dust. We have electricity, TV everything. We are soooo lucky, and so thankful that our experience of evacuation and return was positive.


  1. Jane, I'm glad you posted. I am so glad you guys are ok. I have been thinking about you.
    Lydia Velarde

  2. What a calamity for some many people! I'm realy happy to know you are safe and still have your home.

  3. Dear Jane,
    Oobie, Rudy and I were truly happy to have you all stay with us. We're blessed to have such good friends. And given a few more days I think Rudy and Buddy would have become good friends, face to face, not on opposite sides of the bedroom door!
    Even though your home was spared, you'll have a healing process to go through. I'm sure it will show in your wonderful artwork.
    Love, V

  4. So so glad all is well with your home, Jane .... and I know, as V said, there'll be much to face and accept ... prayers be with you and those so affected by this tragedy ...

  5. So glad you all safe, how traumatic even if you home was untouched.

  6. Sister, soo blessed to be back in your own _home_, soo, soo blessed. I know your community will grow even closer and stronger through this trial ~ enjoy your kitchen, your favorite cup in the morning, your favorite chair, sleeping in your own bed at night with your dear husb and kitties. Soo glad you've been spared losing your stuff, and be with your friends, community and your art. :-* xoxo, Elizabeth

  7. Jane, I'm so glad you and your family are safe at home. I bet your kitties are ready to help you in the studio with new creations.


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