Thursday, October 11, 2007

painting with wine.

Lucinda saw an article in the newspaper about a woman who painted with wine (like, dipping her brush in wine) so we all had to try it last night. We painted with and consumed our 10 North meeting.


  1. Painting with wine sounds great. I`m having a few friends over next weekend for "creating creative stuff" and that is definitely something worth trying. Especially since we usually consume a lot of it anyway ..... :-)

    Beautiful pics from your sailing trip. I get awfully seasick even standing ashore just looking at a stormy sea so naturally I don`t spend a lot of time in boats. But I always envy people that can!


  2. Is that a 2 glass drawing?

  3. Wouldn't that be fun as part of the appetizer course at a dinner party! Hmmmm...........I'll report back!!


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