Monday, December 10, 2007


$2.49 each. geez...


  1. Oh -- but at least you have some!!! Here in NC, the frost got our FuYus ... and the stores haven't stocked any!!! GREAT color on these Jane -- and I'd buy them if they were twice as much -- they're one of my most favorite fruits!

  2. I agree with Lin - lucky you! All we had was a sign where they used to be, no actual persimmons... they also promised us more Satsuma Tangelos and none of those either.... Oh well. At least I can almost taste your painting.

  3. I was shocked at the price of pomegranates last week... something like $6.49? Must have something to do with the price of gas...

  4. Hi Jane,
    I have persimmions falling from my tree!!! The birds love them. The trees are beautiful and easy to grow. I haven't really appreciated them until I saw all your sketches. Hmmmm. I will take a closer look now.
    Always inspiring us.

  5. WOW, I like your new blog "look & feel" ~ delicious. and great contrast to your lovely art & header is excellent!~ New Year, New Look ! Wahooo ;-*

  6. At first glance I saw 2 rather odd tail-less fish eyeing me. Wondered what the fruit label was doing there! Beautiful, rich colors.


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