Wednesday, March 19, 2008

shoes and socks

Here are my new vegan shoes. They're from and are called GT Jane by Simple shoes. Made with no animal products and way comfy. And, my new socks, recommended by Pam, one of my readers, from Solmate sox.
Gee, I sound like a spokesmodel, don't I? :-)


  1. Hi Jane -- I'm so excited you have a pair of the Sock Lady's socks! Aren't they fun?? I teach preschool and my class loves to see what kind of mis-matched socks I wear! I love your drawing of the socks! =)

  2. Great drawing! I've been thinking about getting a pair of Simple shoes, too, so it's great to read your testimonial.

  3. Those are so cute. I got a pair of those GT Janes from PlanetShoes a while back and they are pretty much all I wear!

  4. With a name like GT Janes, what else could you have bought? And those are sure colorful socks.


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