Thursday, October 23, 2008


I got my copy of Mixed Media self-portraits and it's really a fabulous book with not only lots of great images, but food for thought. The author is doing a blog tour, and she'll be here on my blog (well you know, virtually) on November 3 for a give-away of the book. Stay tuned.


  1. I got this book a week or so ago and I LOVE IT!!! I am so into the idea of self-portraits and can't wait to sit down and make some of them using her exercises in the book. I'll be sure to check back and read the article!

    What's more interesting than ourselves? Not much!

  2. Nice work, Jane! You get around. I am going to go to Houston, so I will look for a copy there.

  3. Hello Jane,
    I have a blog about art, textile art, illustrations, etc, in French, which is my first language and nationality!
    I published an article about your work which I admired and put 3 pictures I found on your website. Let me know if anything incorrect.

  4. Hi Jane - just got my copy of the book delivered yesterday! Love your entry - congrats! I was in your watercolor/sketch class at Art Unraveled this year - read your blog all the time! hugs - Reva (Los Angeles)

  5. Saw this advertised in "Quilting Arts" ... Congratulations for being featured in it, I didn't realise! Consider me tuned ...


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