Friday, December 19, 2008

little felteds

I was asked to write a little something about creativity...And what works for me, is to work small. I've created little 3x5 inch collages (from library book registration cards), worked on little 2 inch circles of collaged felt, my sketchbook is about 5x7 inches and here, I've created little (hand needle) felted things about 4x6 inches. Working small allows me to play and explore a direction...And, if the little things turn out, I can sew or paste them together to create a larger piece of art, OR sew them together and cut them apart again and start over. Either way, they don't take too much time or take up too much room and in the interim, they are just cute to have around...

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  1. I'm a big fan of "small," as well. I despair if I don't have a sense of completion once in a while, so working small lets me finish something occasionally! These little felties are so bright and happy and full of texture -- love 'em!


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