Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dreaming of Orvieto, Italy

You know, I'm teaching at a retreat in Italy in May 2010...Just imagine, we'll all be sitting on the street in this picture, sketchbooks in hand, drawing, being, enjoying...Can't wait! Join me!

(photo by Bill/Kristi Steiner)


  1. I'm sighing with delight just at your gorgeous photo! How beautiful!

  2. Wow- forgot my verb. LOOKING at your oh so lovely photo. :)

  3. if I win the lottery, I'll definitely be there!! Lovely photo...I've been to Orvieto, and it is one of my favorite little towns in Italy!


  4. Oh wow, would I like to be there right now. Sweden is oh so cold at the moment. Read your bunny post. Lovely! Transfer pen eh? How does that work? And how could I get my hands on one? Where do you buy yours? Might send the hubby when he is in the states next time. I could really use one!

    Have a great day!

  5. Orvieto will offer us all her inspiration as we enjoy a splendid week together in her streets and alleyways, dear Jane. Oh...I can almost hear the church bells ringing now, and I know I can smell the espresso from the cafe around the corner. Can't wait to share this heavenly week with you!


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