Friday, February 06, 2009

the economy and art institutions.

everyday there seems to be worse news regarding the economy.

San Diego Museum of Art to lay off 23 employees

San Diego Union Tribune
February 6, 2009

BALBOA PARK: The San Diego Museum of Art, the city's largest and oldest art museum, will lay off 23 employees from across all departments, it announced yesterday. It was reacting to a 30 percent reduction in its endowment, from $77.5 million to $53 million, since the beginning of the fiscal year on July 1, 2008.
The museum in Balboa Park had instituted other cost-cutting measures in November, eliminating $900,000 in expenses, including extended runs for exhibitions and the elimination of publications for exhibitions. But in the effort to reduce the fiscal year budget for 2008-09 from $10.43 million to $9.12 million, the cuts in its 107 full-time staff were necessary, said director Derrick Cartwright.
“This is very difficult,” said Cartwright, “but it is unavoidable. I felt staff reductions were the necessary step to ensure the future of SDMA in the years and decades to come.”

and from SDMA website:

On January 16, 2009 the Museum Art School at the San Diego Museum of Art temporarily closed due to the difficult economic environment and declining enrollment. The Museum will use this opportunity to understand national best practices that will ensure the school’s future success and increase participation. Spring break camps will not be held in 2009.


  1. Ugh -- losing spring break camps almost hurts the most -- kids need that art outlet so desperately!

  2. Not to sound like doomsday, but so far as the ECONOMY goes, it's likely going to get a bit worse before it begins to get any better at all. Husband is a CPA/investment advisor, and times are ROUGH for so very many. It's a shame when THE ARTS (art, music, anything creative) is the first to be CUT from a program. We have to be more CREATIVE so that kids, especially, continue to have ART OPPORTUNITIES, regardless of budget issues. THANK YOU, JANE, for any and all art programs you run for children - it's a VERY GOOD THING that you're doing.
    -- D.


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