Monday, March 09, 2009


Our San Diego SketchCrawl group went north to Temecula yesterday, to it's thriving Old Town. Tons of people strolling the sidewalks and filling the restaurants..Some of us sat on the sidewalk and drew this interesting succulent. Drove 45 minutes to draw a succulent. Oh well, it was great company!

This reminds me, I'll be teaching 'sketching & watercolor: journal style ON LOCATION" in Phoenix at art unraveled and the morning of August 7 we'll be drawing at the gorgeous Desert Botanical Gardens... They'll be lots of glorious subject matter like this one.


  1. Love this one Jane! You really captured the essence. Cheers.

  2. Don't you just love an alive downtown. It is so human, so entertaining, so much fun. I love it here and I love it in Orvieto where you will have so much fun teaching and being in a people place! Bill Steiner, Adventures in Italy.

  3. Lovely watercolor Jane!! I'm glad you made the trip!


  4. Definitely worth the drive. Beautiful.


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