Thursday, November 19, 2009

casa de estudillo, but thinking of Orvieto

This was my quick demo at the workshop last saturday.

One of my new friends is considering going to Orvieto with me and asked about traveling alone.
Here's what Bill, one of the organizers, had to say:
* About half of those who travel with us are single, which is nice because it isn't all pairs. Currently with your group, it looks like 2 are traveling alone.
From the very beginning we get together, meet each other, and start the process of becoming friends. Nobody does anything alone unless they want to. Our groups are small so it is easy to get to know the others.
Orvieto is unbelievably safe, feels that way because it is clean with lots of people about everywhere, is not big so there's no getting lost. Consequently, a single woman feels very comfortable there.
* We gather people's travel plans and help them hook up at the airport to travel to Orvieto together. Most planes from the US arrive in the morning at similar times so it is easy to meet. Our folks share pictures of themselves and we provide pictures and suggestions for where to meet. We also send a very detailed travel guide with pictures and instructions for getting to Orvieto. No one has been lost.
* We don't yet know if people will be staying on after our trip. They usually do. This fall, two ladies who had not met until they got to Orvieto planned the post-trip activities together. These conversations and planning is one reason we will set up a group - to facilitate it all.
Please let her know we would be happy to talk to her about any questions she has. Hope that helps! Ciao - Bill

The Bella Italia: Orvieto Sketchbook workshop is May 23-29. Husb and I will be arriving a few days before the official start, and our plan is to travel to Venice the following week...I promise I won't wear my pajama jacket from the previous post!

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  1. Your "quick" sketches are so great! And, Orvieto, I'm jealous. Maybe you could just find a fancier pajama top to wear there : )


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