Thursday, November 12, 2009

telephone wire basket

And oh so practical! here's my completed basket. I knit the sides and bottom with telephone wire. I did this artsy photo with the eggs, so you could gauge the size. Funky, huh?

You know you can check my website for classes and workshops, but I wanted to give a heads up on some recent additions (not yet on the website). I'll be teaching at Idyllwild Summer Arts Program July 4,5 and 6th. A 2-day Mixed Media with Paper & Cloth and a 1-day wet-felting workshop. And I just got word that I'll be teaching 3 one-day workshops at Art Unraveled in August 2010, Recylced Circles; Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style; Duet: Watercolor Flowers & a hand-carved Stamp. And a week at the Montecito Family Summer Camp, (week 9) August 15-21st of morning workshops in Sketching & Watercolor.

And while I'm plugging, don't forget the week in Orvieto Italy May 23-29. The trip is a go, with just a few spots left!

Gosh, 2010 is promising to be quite an exciting year!


  1. Love the knitted basket - great vibrant colors too - very appealing. You rock! I've been knitting aluminum wire for an upcoming project to use as an embellishment

  2. Wowie! Looks great. Congrats on all the classes too.
    Nancy L

  3. So HAPPY the italy trip is a go! Not to mention all the rest!

  4. Sign me up - 2 day Mixed Media and felt class (they are going to run together, right?)!

  5. Great JoJo!! yes, Mixed Media on Sunday & Monday, Tuesday is Wet Felting. I'll give a shout when registration is open. I ALWAYS love being in a workshop with you!!

  6. wonderful wiring! I like the eggs too...i know, next an egg collaging class?


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