Saturday, June 05, 2010

Ah Venice!

 Wow ~ We had a great time in Orvieto and Venice!! I'll be posting lots of pics and drawings! Watch this space!


  1. Hi Jane - great photo - thinking about you in Italy - can't wait to see your photos - continue having fun and eat a little something for me! Look forward to seeing you at AU in August - I'll be there all week! hugs - Reva (Los Angeles)

  2. Welcome home! You look so happy and relaxed in the photo. Looking forward to the trip report. Cheers.

  3. You're back? Looking forward to the pictures and the tales.

  4. Welcome HOME! Missed you:)

  5. I am so glad you are back and had such a fab time, Jane. Do you know that I literally had "Janeville withdrawal" while you were in Italy as a visit to your blog has become a nearly daily habit this year? I missed your musings and updates.
    Karin (Oceanside)


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