Sunday, June 27, 2010

"venice" in progress ~detail

 When I was in Italy recently, I saw so many opportunities to make rubbings on cloth. I was sorry I'd hadn't brought along a piece of tea-dyed cotton, and some fabric crayons--there were soooo many old, fascinating textures. When I got home, I started this project. I'm continuing to build it and stitch on it. I'm going to add more shapes and more panels. Stay tuned! 


  1. So, did you do this from a paper rubbing? And transfer it to the fabric?

  2. Barbara and Nancy, did you look at the links in the post? I created the shape by cutting matboard and creating the image, and rubbing directly on the fabric with paintstiks.

  3. SOOO this means that we must include fabric crayons or paintsiks and some tea dyed muslin in our traveling art boxes!!!!
    This is wonderful!! Do you know of the work of Susan Lenz of South Carolina??? She has a blog called Art in Stitches and she does amazing embroidery and stitch work. Pleasego by and check her out, I know thqt yo and she would really enjoy each others work!!

  4. Jane - I love this. There were so many shapes and motifs that were interesting in the architecture, interiors, on windows, over doors, I think this is such a neat way to interpret the pattern.


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