Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tree of Life: Oaxaca needlework

 This is a needlepoint (partially stitched) based on my original painting . My friend and needlepoint designer Cassandra Prescott created it. She is Sundance Designs and you can see the canvas here. Cool huh? I did needlework for nearly 25 years--from kits--and now I have one created from my artwork! cool!  


  1. Oh Jane
    This is so cool. I'm thinking it will take on a new life in threads. Very exciting! I hope you are feeling better.

  2. Jaaaaaaaane, this is UBER COOL. I will check her site out. Is this something she is marketing / selling? I LOVE IT. I can see it being done by many, many people who love your work - who will all complete it in entirely different ways, with all kinds of embellishments, heart, spirit, and soul. I WANT TO MAKE ONE !!! love love love it. -- Davi

  3. Hi Jane
    I love the Tree of Life! It was so cool seeing my grandma work on it and add all the embellishments and stitches.
    You do great work!

  4. Very cool!!! Glad to see the recognition!!!


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