Thursday, September 23, 2010

rusty stuff

 A challenge, drawing with pen (no pencil first) and a complex rusty something. Meditative, when it wasn't frustrating!

Tomorrow husb and I are off to Asheville, North Carolina for a week. I'm teaching two workshops and we're visiting the Biltmore Estate and artsy Asheville. Oh yea, and it's my (cough, gulp 60th friggin) birthday on 9/29, so 'observing' that milestone...
I'll post on facebook while we're traveling....


  1. THis is really coool looking...the shades of rust against the white paper look really nice too.

  2. Happy birthday! My 55th is in 2 weeks. I feel the same as you. You are brave to attack that drawing with the pen. It's interesting though.

  3. Happy Birthday Jane!!! My (cough, cough) was Sunday. The fall colors on the Parkway outside of Ashville should be beautiful now. The Folk Art museum is up there and fun. Have a great time!

  4. Happy almost B'day, Miss Jane! You're still just a baby! Enjoy your trip and don't worry about what your 'official' age is...we don't ever have to grow up!

  5. Jane, I'm desperately sorry we are leaving for a month in Italy EXACTLY as you arrive at our back door! Don't miss our friend Donna Polseno's show at the Blue Spiral in Asheville, and come back east when we're in town!

  6. happy birthday to you...blessings only in your life have a greatr time in ashville...i had my 66th this years...time flies when you are having fun
    love and hugs, carol fuller:-)

  7. Happy Birthday, Teach! See you in October. Can't wait!

  8. Love visiting your blog...seeing that several other Libra's with the cough cough birthday left you comments! Enjoy your trip and CELEBRATE the b'day! [Mine is the 15th of October]
    Surely, your rusty drawing has no hidden meaning that we may all be headed that way...LOL!
    Off to do some art and take glucosamine to ward off the "rust"!

  9. Happy Friggin Birthday! (tee-hee!)

    I've been following your blog for awhile. Hope to someday take a class with you. Will you be coming to the Houston Quilt Show??

    ArtL8dy at e14studio

  10. Have a wonderful time in Asheville - one of my favorite places! Don't get there often enough even though it is only 2 hours away. I'm really looking forward to the online class starting 10/14 - very frustrated artist here with no talent whatsoever!
    Martha Ann

  11. Jane Happy B-day (May 20th for me 63 how did I ever get here?) so do not freak out just yet 63 is the kiker:)


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