Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style.

Tuesday feb 22
I teach kids to draw, just like I teach adults in my "Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style" workshops.
plein air painting

I want them to draw from real life objects (not photos.) I encourage them to really look and draw what they see. First to draw in pencil, then redraw and refine again in pen, then add watercolor.
plein air roses
It's about the experience of being in the moment and really slowing down and focusing.
And keeping a visual record of your life.

My online Sketching & Watercolor Class starts up on March 3rd! (it's for adults and kids too!) And if you're in the San Diego area, I've got a one day workshop, in a gorgeous garden in Encintas on Saturday, March 19, with registration form here.


  1. Inspiring :) Teaching kids and adults should be the same - adults learning to draw are simply starting where they left off as kids!

  2. I wish someone had taught me that as a child. Thank you for doing this.

  3. Wonderful, just wonderful...
    teaching is so rewarding! :]

  4. gayle - squetcher2/25/2011 8:44 AM

    Aren't those kids doing wonderfully? So important what you are doing, Jane. In modern days,it's easy to forget to slow down so it's good to teach them young.
    As Lauren said in the photos, you can see where we left off. I am an adult learning to draw and paint and I must agree. But what fun.

  5. Jane, how wonderful to be teaching our children we have lost so much in the schools so I thank you for doing this and how wonderful a childs life is with art.

  6. Those children are so lucky to have someone that brings out the art in them.....their work is great.....Lynette


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