Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Math Art for 3rd graders

Math Art
Math Art. Not my usual blog topic! But I wanted to share a project I did in Mindy Crum's 3rd grade class. I volunteer once a week to help the kids with reading or math. Sadly, they don't have much time for art. So, I created a Math Art project!
Math Art: Step One Math Art: Step Two
1) Step one. State a multiplication problem, for example 4 times 4. Using number stencils and crayons, have the kids color in four 4's and then in the same color, the answer (ah, that would be, hold on, 16 :-). Have them select a different color crayon for each problem. Cover the page with math prolems, overlapping the numbers.
2) Step two. Color the whole page with watercolor (crayon resists) and change colors as you paint.
Math Art: Step 3 suggestions
3) Step three. Once the watercolor is dry, they could: 1) cut into strips and fold and build and glue onto a piece of colored construction paper (above). 2) or cut into strips and weave them together (under/over/under) 3) make a journal cover 4) Make a box by measuring the pattern out on the back, and folding and assembling...
Math Art   Math Art
The kids really enjoyed it!
Math Art      Math Art     Math Art
Math Art     Math Art


  1. I love the results of this project. Now I want to do it!

  2. What a great way to make math fun. I love their artwork.

  3. That little boy looks so seriously into his painting! What a great way to do math. Having different things to do with the finished sheet of paper let them explore creativity in their own taste. Wonderful.

  4. How very creative! As a teacher I've always believed in the value of teaching to the 'multiple intelligences' of children and adults. There is a book on it, but simply put, we all learn in different ways. This very visual, tactile way of combining art and math would reach some students who would otherwise struggle in math. Great idea, and i love the artwork!

  5. What a great project. I've been traveling around your blog, love it

  6. Love this project Jane!

  7. This has been one of my favorite techniques since I first did it in the 5th grade and I've shared it with many students. It's just magic when the watercolor goes over the crayon and you see the resist. GREAT idea to do math problems!

  8. Very cool! They look beautiful!
    Er, you *do* know 4 X 4 is 16, right?

  9. Very creative project!
    Looks like the children really enjoy math for a subject :]

  10. Karla Rose-----hah! so much for my math skills!!! geez.

  11. I bet that those kids will always remember that project!!! Too bad my algebra teacher wasn't into art!!! Jane - you are simply inspirational!!!


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