Thursday, March 03, 2011

Everyday objects ~ four

pin cushion
I do some hand stitching nearly every single day. Why not own a beautiful pincushion (or two.) I get them from The Daily Pincushion.


  1. I Jane. You have inspired me to do everyday object painting too. Yesterday I did my pepper grinders from my kitchen.
    The day before my coffee maker. Love your pincushion! Have you seen mine?
    Who knows what I will paint today?

  2. I love the pincushion - I ordered a kit after you featured it last December on your blog. Mine is lime green, are you surprised?

  3. Love it. I like it better than the fruit we are painting in the first day of the new class on Joggles but I'll be good and paint some fruit. (I noticed because this is the layout you used for our first lesson). Here's hoping I can let myself leave tiny white spaces which is what I love about your painting (among other things).

  4. There are some darling pincushions now! Might have to have one...

  5. So cute!
    The illustrated pincushion is pleasing to the eye.

  6. i like the pincushion!

  7. What a great idea to do the everyday object painting! I think I will have to give it a try! I like to do something different every day and lately it has been odd art dolls, I'm ready to move on! I will also have to check out the pin cushions. Thanks for sharing!


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