Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Prayer Flags

 prayer flag # 18 for LIGHT
Prayer Flag 18: for Light. Light was one of my words for 2011 was Light. Light of heart. Sharing the light...

Here's a little tutorial on this prayer flag. I love stencils, and use them in lots of ways in my work. 
one  three
four  five
The markers for fabric are really easy to use.
Artist Cellar has a number of new and very cool stencils. I especially love the cathedral series. Oh, I love the steam punk series too!
prayer flags  prayer flags

I used the stencils with acrylic paint on this prayer flag for my friend Jill. I used the traditional japanese stencils for hers. She loves blue and white!
prayer flags  prayer flags prayer flags
Go over to the Prayer Flag Project blogspot, and check out the wonderful group prayer flag project I recently did with a group of my friends.


  1. I love these two flags. They are beautiful. I too love blue and white. The one done with the markers is nice and bright and cheery. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love these, Jane! Can't wait to order some of these stencils. Beautiful!

  3. Jane, this are awesome! I love it when creatives come up with different ways to use the stencils! I'm gonna repost this on the Artistcellar wall.

  4. So wonderful thank you for sharing.
    Love them.

  5. Thanks so much for the stencil pointer - I've been hunting for new beautiful designs, and here they are.

  6. Awesome! I love this series of flags, and the stencils are a brilliant touch. Carry on!

  7. Just beautiful. Love those stencils! I've been playing with mine nonstop!

  8. Awesomeness Jane! Just ordered another Christmas gift for me;)

  9. Hi Jane, I love your Prayer Flags, especially the blue one. Thankyou for sharing with us. Can you put them outside when you use Acrylic Paints?
    Kind Regards

  10. Wow. I have always loved prayer flags, and ordered a set the other day. After I did, I realized they had to be easy to make - I used to quilt, I dye fabric, embroider, etc. So, I did a search for making them and found your blog. Since I am away from home for work right now, between amazon for a jaquard dye kit and the fabric markers you linked, and about $65 in stencils from Artist Cellar (and wow do I have a wish list longer than that, too!), I just spent $100, and I don't even have any fabric! LOL! Your flags are amazing, and obviously inspiring!

  11. they are BéÂüTïFüL!

  12. Thank you so much, very thoughtful of you. I will plan to make this in the spring. Really enjoy this.


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