Tuesday, August 07, 2012

New stencils!

Sweet gum balls
Sweet Gum Balls stencil ~ designed by Jane LaFazio for StencilGirlProducts
Two more stencils have been released! Here's Sweet Gum Balls
student work with my sweet gum ball stencil
sweet gum ball stencil on monoprinted fabric
student work
sweet gum ball stencil
sweet gum ball stencil on fabric

Sketchbook: from my walk
the sketch that inspired Sweet Gum Balls ~ by Jane LaFazio

Sketchbook: from my walk
Sketchbook page  ~ by Jane LaFazio
And Eucalyptus stencil:
Eucalyptus stencil ~ designed by Jane LaFazio for StencilGirlProducts
eucalyptus stencil
eucalyptus stencil on fabric ~ student work

eucalyptus in bloom
sketchbook page that inspired Eucalyptus stencil
 ~ by Jane LaFazio
and Pods stencil:
Pods stencil ~ designed by Jane LaFazio for StencilGirlProducts
And I showed you the story of my Pods stencil here.
MaryBeth Shaw demoing with my Pods stencil and wood icing 

You can order all three stencils online from StencilGirlProducts. The ship everywhere!!  And please, send me jpegs of what you create! I'd love to feature them on an upcoming blog post.


  1. These are lovely! I have been following you for a while and have loved seeing your designs develop, its great that others can now create with them :)

  2. These are great - and so are the samples you show using them. I cannot tell you how excited my students are when I pull out the stencils in my classes. Whether for journals or fabric, the stencils give people wings. Somehow the order and immediacy of a stencil liberates the hand to do amazing, original work.

  3. Wow aren't they lovely!

  4. Hi Jane - these are lovely & will make for some great projects ! Where can us girls in the UK buy them ? Thanks

  5. Stencilgirlproducts.com
    We gladly ship our stencils worldwide :)

  6. Jane, I love the new stencils! Can't wait to try them. The natural feel is what I especially love!

  7. these are wonderrfuls tencils jane!! I love them!! But I must tell you that i HATE sweet gum balls. Every year when we lived in OK I used to have to rake up about 10 super large black garbage bags full of the darn things so we could walk in the yard without breaking our necks. They do NOT compost and they do not go thru a chipper unless you want prickly missiles!! Love the stencil tho!!!LOL!!!

  8. Aa a stencil designer I can tell you these are masterful. I wonder though why you did not make them align so they could be used for repeats, as for scarves.

  9. Jane, Jane, Jane ... I finally ordered my stencils - yes, all three - today. Can't wait to use them. Lovely work, as always. Hope to be in a workshop of yours again soon. Hugs -- Davi


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