Wednesday, August 29, 2012

oh, did you know I designed some stencils? tutorial

stencil, wood icing on gesso board in various states of completion
by Jane LaFazio
I've been having fun trying to use my newly designed stencils in every conceivable way. I started this project here and now I started a couple more.
I start by applying layers of acrylic paint. Pods Stencil
this one had paint, and then I added another layer with my two other stencils and wood icing.
I'll paint it when it's dry.
just wood icing on gesso board. painting is next.
Sweet Gum Ball stencil
just wood icing on gesso board. painting is next. Eucalyptus stencil.
And while I had the stencils out, after I cleaned them, I created 3 more prayer flags.
prayer flags
I realized as I was about to type this, I stitched lightning bugs instead of fireflies. hmm. I thought Sweet Gum ball stencil looked like fireworks in red and blue.

prayer flags
the colors reminded me of water
prayer flags
Autum colors with Pods stencil
Stay tuned! (Remember, if you create anything with my StencilGirlProducts stencils, send me photo! Pods, Sweet Gum Balls and Eucalyptus are the ones I designed.)


  1. I've never seen wood icing before I like how it looks raised.

  2. Sooz Weissberg8/29/2012 8:37 AM

    Oh, so wonderful, Jane!! :D

  3. These are so beautiful! What is wood icing? Do you have a tutorial of how to use it?

  4. so excited - I just bought 2 of your stencils (man, does the internet ever make things easy!) Pods & eucalyptus- I can't wait to start trying out some more new things in my sketchbook! It's always a nice break from oil painting for me- and makes me think a whole different scope of things! - so much fun! :-)

  5. Roxanne, here's the link to my previous post, and there's a video on it on how to use wood icing
    so glad you got some of my stencils!!

  6. Wonderful!!! I love the wood icing effect and the stencils are fabulous. I see some late night shopping in my future.

  7. Truly lovely!

  8. Thanks for link Jane!! I just got an email- my stencils are on their way already! Is that cool or what!! Yippee!!!


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