Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Kindness Chronicles

the kindness chronicles
With a 5 hour flight ahead of me, I boarded the plane. Economy class, of course. I had a window seat. I prefer aisle, and of course the middle seat is the worst. As I approached my seat, I noticed an elderly couple, talking to each other between the rows. He was in the middle seat, and she in the middle seat the row ahead. I watched them a minute, and could tell they probably weren't frequent travelers and would feel much better if they could sit next to each other. So...I switched seats with the woman, gave her my window seat, next to her husband and I took the dreaded middle seat in the row ahead. They thanked me profusely, and I really felt I'd done a good thing.
And as kind of a karmic thank you, the woman next to me, who knew nothing of the seat change, gave me her free drink coupon!
I saw a woman living in her car. I was too surprised to act, and looked for her the next time I was in that parking lot. I regret that I didn't take a moment to speak to her, or offer her some money. (Or better yet, have a few zip lock bags with water, toiletries and granola bars in my car for just those moments.)
Fall Leaves
Friends helping friends. From my Mundo Lindo after-school art program.
And, a short video from my recent trip to France:


  1. Truly lovely, what a treat to hear, for you and now us........and it didnt inspire you to yoga pose?! lol

  2. what a great story about an act of kindness. these always give me a warm feeling and lots of hope. i like your idea about having zip lock bags with necessities in them for giving to those who may need them - i'm going to make some up today!

  3. I joined your Kindness Chronicles and did my first blog post about it:

    I love your idea of carrying bags of necessities for those in need. I belong to a group here that collects unused hotel toiletries and gives them to women getting out of a nearby prison and to local schoolchildren who come from underprivileged homes (or who have no home).


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