Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

2012 ~ a year in review 
  • I traveled to France, Italy, Mexico, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and throughout California to teach
  • I was away from home teaching about 11 of the 52 weeks (though it felt like more!) 
  • I taught about 70 classes/workshops (probably more)
  • I was published in Cloth Paper Scissors, Quilting Arts, Pages,  and Studios magazine.
  • I got a new website

  • I really embraced my word for 2012: preparation.I got organized: with class handouts, spreadsheets and google calendar and being as prepared as I could be for my students and my life.
  • 5 years of teaching an after school art program to 4th and 5th graders ~ Mundo Lindo ~ as my friend Susie says, possibly my most lasting legacy.

egg carton flowers
Mundo Lindo ~ Beautiful World

  • 214 blog posts in 2012, here on JaneVille. I love my blog and work hard on it. I hope you love it too. I'm changed the comment thingey, so it will be easier for you to leave comments, so please do. I love hearing from you!

the kindness chronicles

  • I created Interviews as Inspiration, a regular feature on my blog, and I've done 7 interviews in 2012 of  people I admire, with more to come.
  • 12 new tutorials this year, you can see them all on my Tiny Tutorials page.

my new DVD
My new DVD available here
Quilting Arts DVD
I'm a cover girl! I make three appearances
 on QA TV this new season 1100.
Let's not forget Yoga Poses in Public Places! And 8 years of regular yoga practice.
san clemente dec 2012
San Clemente, CA December 2012
My husband and I, October 2012
Most important of all, is that I have had 
my beloved husband by my side for nearly 36 years.


  1. You had a superfantastico year, Jane!

    Here's hoping 2013 is a good or better!

  2. Jane - a great year for you! I can tell you put a lot of work into it - so its great to see that it is paying off for you. Love your blog and the classes I took in Irvine and Mexico! Thanks for everything.

  3. Wow, Jane, I am exhausted just reading your 2012 stats. What a great year it was for you. All of us students have benefited from your hard work, talent and preparation. I am happy to have spent just one of the 366 days together. Happy 2013!

  4. What a great year you have had, Jane. Congratulations! I am exhausted just reading all that you have done. I am happy to have spent one of the 366 days together. Happy New Year 2013!!! Cheers!

  5. As it says on the sassy t-shirt (or was it the beer koozie?):
    Drink. Refill. Repeat. You had a wonderful year. Do it again!

  6. Amazing! You are an inspiration! Congratulations!

  7. Here's wishing you all the best for 2013! It may seem hard to top last year, but I'm sure there is more inspiration and terrific art to be created and taught. I also wish you the time to relax and enjoy what you have worked so hard to achieve! You are an inspiration to us all and we learn so much from you! Thank you for sharing with us!

  8. You are living the dream! Congrats on a fabulous year! I tried to find your DVD via the link, but it didn't show up... will do more searching, 'cause I would love to get a copy! Happy New Year... you're my inspiration!

  9. I'm looking forward to sharing in your adventures again via this blog this year, Jane! And of course a regular dose of your contagious smile!

  10. Happy New Year dearest Jane! Thanks for all of the inspiration! You and Don are an amazing couple, and it was both a thrill and an honor to meet you both and spend time with you last summer!
    Don't stop doing any of the things you are now doing - you are such a success!


  11. p.s. I love how you've changed your comment thingy - I may do the same!

  12. I've never met you, Jane (but I hope to...maybe 2013...) BUT I get a sense from your blog that you are an amazing individual! You seem like such a fun-loving and special soul!One of the things I do is teach yoga...must find the shirt about being kind that appears in your kindness chronicles! All the best to you on this auspicious occasion of beginnings!

  13. I so enjoy all that you do. Love the DVD I have of you and all the great articles you have done. You deserve a nap!!! Maybe 2013 we will meet.


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