Wednesday, January 06, 2016

From my Sketchbook ~ part one video

 pages from my sketchbook ~Jane LaFazio

I bought a package of Khadi colored paper, recently, and decided to try some different techniques. The paper doesn't take watercolor well, so I'm playing with color pencils, dip pens and a  Sharpie poster paint pen
Color pack of Khadi papers
I'm not quite sure where this project is going, some kind of hand made book, but I thought you'd like to follow along in a series of videos. Here's PINK PAGE part one VIDEO:

Stay tuned, more videos to come!


  1. Beautiful! You make it look so easy, Jane! Love this look!

  2. Beautiful and creative.

  3. Argggh...It's January 14th and I can't find a post with your new word for 2016. LOL...Seriously found the past year's words interesting.


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