Sunday, January 03, 2016

ONE WORD for 2016

photo by Jane LaFazio

For the last few years, like many others, I've been choosing one word for the year. ONE WORD to focus on. One word to stay with me all year long to encourage something in me. A word that will help me move forward personally, professionally or both. A word that, when I think of it, helps me to be a better person. 

All this in one word? Yes.

My word for 2012 was Preparation. A good word. I wanted to be a better teacher and consequently better prepared. It worked. I used it as an action throughout the year.

My word for 2013 was LOVE.  A good word, no question, but maybe too broad? Not specific enough? Here's the journal page I created for LOVE

My word for 2014 was CLEARClear, as in clear, uncluttered spaces to work in. Clear, as in clear skies, clear sailing ahead. Clear, as in a clear mind. It was the most useful and powerful word I've chosen so far. I referred back to it all year long, and kept it in sight. 

My word for 2015 was Cherish.  Another fine word, but in retrospect, not enough action in it. (You can see what I created for CHERISH here. And here is the word I was going to choose and a tutorial for you.)

So what's my word for 2016? I will unveil it the week of January 11th. An illustrated version of my 2016 word for the year. 

So, what's your ONE WORD for 2016?

Below are some posters I created of the words my blog readers and facebook friends shared with me. Maybe your word is in there?

One Word 2013 (poster by Jane LaFazio)
One Word 2014 (by Jane LaFazio)




  1. my word for 2016 is EXPLORE! already having fun with it. I can't wait to see what yours is. 2015 was IMAGINE &, like love or cherish, not enough action involved!

  2. My words are purpose and give for 2016.

  3. Move. Move on, move up, move out, get moving,move with some power and grace, move others with good intentions and deeds, move mountains. . . just keep on the move. Don't stay still!

  4. Hi Jane,

    My word for 2016 is Grateful. Easy to remember when seas are calm--not so much when crisis strikes. I want to be conscious of that fact not only this year but moving forward.

  5. The hardest part is narrowing to just ONE word! My word is JOY! Ok, it's not an action in and of itself, but will it make me a better person? I certainly hope so! DREAM is in second place and still tugging at my consciousness, so it will accompany my journey as well. Love this tradition!

  6. Hi Jane,

    Happy New Year!
    My word is's to 2016!

  7. Here In my 60th year, my word is MEANING. I've come to understand that meaning is not found by looking for it, but by doing those things that make meaning for me - going deeper into things, rather than skipping superficially over the surface of life. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to put it into words.

  8. I looked at your list and the word that jumped out to me was REACH - reach out to others, reach within, reach for the stars, reach for one's goals, reach forward - I just love the open arms image I have when I say the word 'reach'.

  9. My one word continues to be CONTINUE. Cancer treatments interrupted 9 months of 2015. Continue living, continue creating art, continue learning new things, continue meditation, keep friendships going, and so forth.

  10. My word is "leap". Time to leap into new creative arenas, take some chances and stretch myself.

  11. My word for 2016 is QUIET. Quiet my mind, Quiet my heart, Quiet my soul. And my second word for 2016 is LISTEN.

  12. It's Be. Be the change. Be in the moment. Be fearless. Be an artist.

  13. My word is restoration. Restoring what has been lost.

  14. My word for 2016 is "Action". I sit too much. I watch tv, I read, I look at other people's art online and in books. Occasionally I create art - not nearly as often as I used to. Why not??? I check Facebook, I nap, I do jigsaw puzzles and play Solitaire online. I don't exercise enough, neglect housework, procrastinate about paperwork and chores. I read about other people's words for 2016. LOL! Last year my word was declutter. And I did do some of that, and thought about what and how I would declutter next. That's why ACTION is my word for this year.


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