Monday, January 21, 2019

Morocco VIDEO of my trip and sketchbook

I took this in the old city in Casablanca. on the left and what's going on in that lane. I love this photo! There's so much in it! by Jane LaFazio
My husband and I spent 12 days on a tour of Morocco. We visited Marrakech, Casablanca and a day trip to Rabat. I hope you enjoy this VIDEO I made, of my images and the sketchbook I made for the trip.

Music: Kyma Kai Vrahos by Stellios Petrakis 
See the rest of my sketchbook in my VIDEO.


  1. We spent 12 days in Morocco last February. Your video brought back so many wonderful memories of our time there.

  2. Loved seeing your sketch book pages & the video images.
    I have 2 burning questions.:
    Did you prep the pages the night before each day or before you left for the trip.
    What was the pink tone you used, any chance it was DS Potters Pink?

    1. I made the journal (except the cover) before I left. I used a 'tea dye' for the pink pages. Sorry, don't know the brand.

  3. We just loved your art and video! Can you tell us what music you used for the background soundtrack?
    Thank you...

    1. Music: Kyma Kai Vrahos by Stellios Petrakis


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