Sunday, April 01, 2007

ampersand series 1

About 4.5 inches by 8 inches on black cotton and stitched both by hand and machine. Hey, I've got an Art Quilt class starting May 11 in Oceanside, CA and it runs 6 weeks. Email me for details.


  1. Hi Jane,

    I didn't see it on the blog and I'm curious, (like Alice) Why was the ambersand so inspiring?

    Your sometimes quilting buddy.


  2. I'd love to email you for details. Unforunately you're on the other coast. I bet you classes are lovely.

  3. Paula, I'm fascinated by all the differnt forms the ampersand comes in. And its meaning of and...there's more...AND, I happen to have the stamp handy when I was creating these!


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